Dorset Community Energy 

Dorset Community Energy is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society  registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in August 2013. 

9th November 2015 - Dorset Community Energy launch a £352,200 share offer.

- Update 28th November- due to  a last minute surge in interest  the share offer closed yesterday with the £352,200 target met in full. Sincere thanks to all who invested.

Thanks to initial support from the CLS in Dorset programme Dorset Community Energy has grown from strength to strength.

After raising £195,000 in 4 weeks in June from a community share offer (with 78 individual shareholders- 80% of whom are from Dorset) a second larger £350,000 share offer was launched on 9th November. This investment will be used to finance solar panels on 7 more schools and on the roof of Bridport Arts Centre (all pre-registered with Ofgem to guarantee the Feed-in Tariff rate until August 2016). All sites will receive free or low-cost solar electricity. Shareholders will receive a projected 5%- 6% p.a. interest from the Feed-in Tariff income and their capital returned in instalments between years 4 and 20. Therefore it should be considered a long-term investment. There are special provisions for early repayment of shares to the estate of a deceased member.

This share offer has been designed to be compliant with the HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Due to recent changes in government policy this share offer will be the last local opportunity for qualifying taxpayers to receive an initial EIS 30% tax rebate on their investment, as the scheme will be closed to all community energy projects after the 30th November.

The Share Offer Document and Application Form for shares are downloadable from the links above.

The share offer has now closed

Anyone interested in purchasing shares in  Dorset Community Energy should also read the  Dorset Community Energy Registered Rules .

We are proud to be a community-based organisation operating on co-operative principles with opportunities for member participation.

Dorset Community Energy News

August 2015- Six community PV installations now completed

Following the completion of community solar  panel installations at Martinstown Village Hall in March, Salway Ash Village Hall in April and Osmington Village Hall in May, Dorset Community Energy has now completed the 3 larger PV installations on the roofs of Dorchester Middle School, The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester and the roof of the Sports Hall at Lytchett Minster School near Wimborne.

The £135,000 share offer in June was over-subscribed, raising £195,000 of community investment in 4 weeks, resulting in refunds for all share applications over £3,700.

View the Dorset Community August 2105 newsletter for more information.

The Dorset Community Energy AGM will be held on Tuesday 1st December 2015 from 19:00- 20:30 in the Dorset Room, Colliton Club, Dorchester DT1 1XJ. The AGM provides an opportunity to question the directors, apply to be appointed as a director, meet other members, discuss the Dorset Community Energy financial performance and additional benefits such as solar PV educational resources for schools, etc.

Further information and contact details

Please contact Pete West, Dorset Community Energy secretary:


mobile 07532 339582


Community solar panels on Salway Ash Village Hall


Dorset Community Energy:
Community Shares in Solar PV‬

( Note this short film was produced to promote the June 2015 Dorset Community Energy Share Offer. Qualifying investors were eligible for 50% SEIS tax relief for that first share offer, which has now been granted Advanced Assurance by HMRC. The current November 2015 share offer is designed to be eligible for EIS tax relief, which would provide a 30% tax rebate for qualifying taxpaying investors)


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