CLS in Dorset Films

Films from Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) in Dorset. We hope you find these both interesting and informative.

Transition Together

For Ever and A Day

Big Ideas Challenge

West Dorset Open Eco Homes

Square Meal Debate

An introduction to the BIG Ideas Challenge.


Ashley Wheeler (Trill Farm, Devon) urges action on food and farming.


Linda Hull's 1-minute guide to Food Future Bridport‬.


‪Alison Jay - Stories of Change.‬ 


‪Anna Ledgard - Stories of Change.‬ 


‪What's the future of food in Bridport, Dorset - and beyond?‬ 

‪Bridport in Dorset has a reputation for good food and drink, but could things be improved? Food Future Bridport organised an event in Bridport Arts Centre to provoke ideas and discussion about how Bridport could develop a healthy, sustainable local food economy.‬‬


‪Stories of Climate Change - and Personal Change - from Dorset. 

‪Dorset is full of people doing inspiring things to live sustainably in their home life, at work and with their spare time. So, Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset invited four of them to share their story of why they care about sustainability and the journey they have taken to doing something about it.‬


‪Dorset Community Energy: Community Shares in Solar Panels‬. 

‪Dorset Community Energy is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society which was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in August 2013. Dorset Community Energy plans to install solar panels on the roofs of 3 schools and 3 village halls by September 2015. ‬A key aim of Dorset Community Energy is to enable local people to buy shares in the solar panel installations.‬

Waste Less, Spend Better event in Buckydoo Square, Bridport

Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset meet to encourage and promote alternatives in food, energy and personal lives. Created by Terry Tkachuk.

Ecohomes Compile

This film is the full length version of the seven below: an overview of why we did it, five of the homes, and then the organisers explaining how they made it all happen.   


1 Opening Eco homes in Dorset

In this video Sam and Sally explain what Eco Homes is all about, helping people see first-hand how they too could be a little bit "greener".  

2 Rab & Mary's self build home

Rab and Mary’s house was a self-build.  Magna Housing built the shell: walls, roof and windows.  Rab and Mary then completed the inside.  Rab, a plasterer and builder by trade, took a year off to finish the inside.  Money was tight so they utilised a lot of waste materials.  The house is heated with a wood burning stove, and hot water is provided by solar panels.

3 Malcolm & Jude's chalet bungalow

Malcolm and Jude’s home is a 1970s chalet bungalow.  They have utilised its natural South facing aspect to maximise solar gain, and live comfortably using only half the energy of similar properties.  They have solar photovoltaic panels, a rainwater harvesting system and a woodstove.

4 Sally & Andrew's chalk wall house

Sally and Andrew’s home was designed by their son Sam, when he was studying architecture.  They used chalk from the site to build massive heat retaining walls, oriented the building to maximise energy gain from the sun, and have a green roof.

5 Ann & Dave's 1930s retrofit home

Ann and Dave have retrofitted their 1930s home by adding a wood burning stove, solar thermal panels to heat water, and solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity.  Ann is full of brilliant ideas: like a double sided wood burning stove, and a thermal curtain at the top of the stairs.  Ann and Dave also have lots of tips on lifestyle choices that save money, are environmentally friendly and support the local economy.

6 Jane & David's home: on track for low energy

Jane and David live in a 3 bedroom chalet bungalow.  They heat it using a wood burning stove, which is fuelled by waste pallets which they get free of charge.  They also benefit from solar gain by drawing warm air from the conservatory into the house.  The have solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, which as well as generating electricity for use in the home, drives the garden railway!

7 Organising Ecohomes

In this final film, Sam and Sally explain how they made it all happen! 

8 Bridport 2033 - how can we live more sustainably?  

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